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Check out the City Of Calgary's website for more valuable information on the bylaws for maintenance. As well this link will provide you with ways to help you maintain a record for when your grease traps need to be cleaned. 

Regular Maintenance Advantages

  • Avoid unsightly problems
  • Customizable maintenance schedules  
  • Avoid loss of business
  • Avoid the risk of back ups
  • Avoid the risk of  overflows
  • Avoid damaged property
  • Have an ease of mind

A regular maintenance program is the first step in avoiding a disaster. Having lines back up or the grease trap overflow during business hours can cause a large financial loss to any company. This kind of  problem may make it so that you are forced to close your doors while the problem gets resolved leaving you with a loss in revenue and unhappy customers.

With our regular maintenance program, we can help with customizing a plan that suits your business needs. No need to worry about remembering to call and book an appointment, we can set a time schedule that works where we automatically come out once every month or once every two months to service your lines. 

Avoid the inconvenience of lines backing up or the grease trap overflowing during business hours and sign up for our regular maintenance program today!

Regular Maintenance
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